9 Best Taiwan Travel Apps / Websites

by boodingwang

Are you arranging to travel in Taiwan, but don’t know which apps / websites can help you plan your itinerary and even save travel expenses? This article sorts out the nine most commonly used apps / websites for tourism in Taiwan to help you arrange your tours more efficiently. Hope you enjoy your trip in Taiwan this beautiful island. If you like Go Taiwan Lab, don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram!

Activities Apps / Websites

TripAdvisor (Android / iOS)

TripAdvisor app in Taiwan
source: App Store

TripAdvisor is a well-known international travel review site that provides travel-related information, including hotels, attractions, restaurants, and more. You can find almost everything you need for your trips here. If you have no idea about trip planning, you can refer to the suggested attractions provided by TripAdvisor. There are comments below and forums for you to look at other travelers’ experience. Similarly, accommodations, foods, and transportations information are also very comprehensive on the website. TripAdvisor even integrates information from other hotel and restaurant booking websites, allowing consumers to easily compare prices and save money. For those who have not yet decided where to go, TripAdvisor is always the best choice for them to start looking for a travel destination.

KLOOK (Android / iOS)

source: App Store

KLOOK is a travel website founded in Hong Kong and active in the Asian market. It provides a large variety of attraction tickets and unique tours for travelers to explore the cities. The prices they offer are normally cheaper than buying on the spot. The purchased e-tickets can be directly stored in the mobile phone, avoiding the problem of losing the tickets. In addition, KLOOK’s day tour is super suitable for those who are lazy to arrange their trips. Simply gather at the designated place and follow the tour guide, you can easily visit many famous spots.

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KKday (Android / iOS)

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source: App Store

KKday is a Taiwanese local travel website similar to KLOOK. Both KKday and KLOOK offer tours with a certain quality. After participating in the tours of the two companies, I personally recommend just choosing the cheaper one or the itinerary you prefer, because these two are really good enough. But I still do some comparisons here. Some consumers said that Klook provides more choices in some niche attractions, but in terms of customer service, KKday does a better job.

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Accommodation Apps / Websites

Booking.com (Android / iOS)

source: App Store

Booking.com is the leading online travel agent in the world. In Taiwan, most tourists also use this website to book their accommodations. The biggest advantage of Booking.com is the free cancellation service it offers. With this service, it is more flexible for travelers to arrange their trips. Consumers don’t have to worry about being charged for cancellation because of something comes up. In addition, the variety of accommodation on Booking.com is also the most abundant in Taiwan. Almost every accommodation cooperates with it. The prices are reasonable as well.

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Agoda (Android / iOS)

source: App Store

Agoda is also an extremely popular online accommodation booking website. It’s interface is user-friendly. Comparing to Booking.com, both of them provide diverse choices of accommodations. However, the strength of Booking. com is its free cancellation service. Although Agoda doesn’t have the function of free cancellation, it makes a huge difference in the market by relying on lower prices. Therefore, if you make sure there won’t be any change to your plan, then you are very suitable to make a reservation on Agoda.

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Transportation Apps / Websites

Google Maps (Android / iOS)

source: App Store

No matter where you are in the world, Google Maps will always be your best friend when you go out. In Taiwan, the Internet is developed very well. Except for the remote mountains, google maps can be used smoothly in almost everywhere. Simply enter the name of the attractions or the address of the destination, Google Maps will show the routes. If you come to Taiwan for travel but have not purchased the Internet, you may consider buying from the activities websites KKday or KLOOK mentioned above. Both of them offer SIM cards and Pocket Wi-Fi Eggs at reasonable prices.

Uber (Android / iOS)

source: App Store

Uber is an international ride-hailing app. Compared to Taxi, it is more recommended to foreigners because there is no need to tell the driver where to go in person. Simply enter the destination in the app and the Uber driver will take you there. You can even choose which class of car you want to ride. Moreover, when you take Uber, you don’t need to pay in cash, but pay directly by your credit card online. It’s super convenient for foreigners who are not familiar with Taiwanese dollars.

If you still want to take taxi instead of Uber, please look at our another article “Apps for hailing Taxi/Uber in Taiwan“. We gave some tips inside the post to help you better call a taxi in Taiwan.

Bus+ (Android / iOS)

source: App Store

Bus+ is a Taiwanese public transit tracker app. The most friendly thing for foreigners is that Bus+ is available in English. It supports information on all buses, subways, YouBike (public bicycle rentals), and railway. Sometimes it is challenging for foreigners to read Taiwanese bus routes and even find bus stops. Now with Bus+, it can help you find the nearby bus stop according to your current location and give you information about bus arrival time.

雙鐵時刻表 (Android / iOS)

The pronunciation of 雙鐵時刻表 is “shuang tieh shih ko piao”. It is similar to Bus+ but with tickets booking system and information of high speed railway. However, it does not provide English version. If you can not understand any Chinese, this app may not suit you.

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