[Taipei Accommodation] “CitizenM Taipei North Gate” – The most technologically designed hotel near Taipei Main Station

by boodingwang
citizenM Hotel (台北世民酒店) is a technologically designed hotel near Taipei Main Station.

Stepping out of Taipei Main Station, you can vaguely see a tall building standing in the clouds in the distance. It is citizenM Taipei North Gate, a modern hotel with fashion technology. It is in sharp contrast with other old buildings around Taipei Main Station, which seems to imply that Taipei is an international city that combines modernity and history. With an excellent location, citizenM Hotel is right next to MRT Belmen Station, and it located just between Taipei Main Station and Ximen Commercial District. It takes you less than 10 minutes to arrive these places. Therefore, whether you are a traveller or a business man, citizenM is always a great choice for you!

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In fact, citizen hotel is an international brand originated from Amsterdam. Currently there are only three citizen hotels in Asia, and citizenM Taipei North Gate is the first in the Asia-Pacific region. Citizen is a modular and functional business hotel, specially set up in transportation hubs such as airports and stations. The equipment you see in the citizenM Taipei may be similar to citizen hotels in Netherlands, Paris or other parts of the world, not to mention all of them have a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the city by the bed. In order to maintain the standard of global consistency, the decoration of citizenM Taipei North Gate is designed by the Dutch team, and incorporates Taiwanese artworks into it. In addition, Citizen emphasizes that although it is a four-star business hotel, it also contains the joy of party style. That is why it always praise the concept of


There are many pictures in Citizen Hotel which imply WORKERS and TRAVELERS

Check-In Yourself

Different from other high class hotels, customers need to check in themselves while staying in citizenM. After entering the automatic door, you will see a table with several computers on it. There is no reception desk or lobby, the only place that you can take a break is the huge bench outside. For me it is a pity that I can not enjoy the welcome service of hotel. However, this type of self-service technology might truly be the trend in the future.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of check-in steps. But you don’t have to worry even you are a computer idiot, there is a staff standing next to the table. If you have any problem, just ask him/her to help you. It will only take you roughly 5 minutes to finish check in. All you need is your booking number, ID card, and credit card. After confirming the information, the system will then ask you take a card from the box beside and start making your room key. What’s the most interesting is the key (card) is made by a luggage tag. At the time you check out, you can choose you keep it as souvenir or return it back to the hotel.

Don’t forget to check out on these computer when you are leaving the hotel.

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Room Tour

The sign boards in citizenM Hotel are all very interesting and creative

CitizenM Taipei North Gate is a building with 26 floors and a total of 267 rooms. If you like to choose the rooms on the higher floors, your room price will be a bit higher. This time we didn’t promote our room and had been arrange to a room on 11 floor. Although it is just a lower floor room, I am still satisfied with the view.

CitizenM hotel is right next to the main roads. Whether it is day or night, it is really healing and stress-relieving to see cars and scooters shuttle on the road like toys.

The distinguishing feature of citizen’s rooms is a floor-to-ceiling window that can enjoy the cityscape. Other room equipments are also standardized, which means that almost every room in citizenM hotel looks exactly the same. Each room has a king-size double bed, there is no twin bed option, and no extra bed service.

When walking into the room, there will be the cabinet and the sink on the left, and the toilet and shower on the right. I personally like this design where the toilet and sink are separated. Especially when everyone is rushing to wash their faces, brush their teeth and take a bath every morning, having such a design can really save a lot of time. I can sleep for another ten more minutes hahahaha.


As an international hotel, the necessary accessories and toiletries are all provided in citizenM hotel. The toiletries are placed in the red plate, and the hair dryer is stored in the red flannel bag. The mineral water is in the small refrigerator, and the slippers are in the cabinet. The hotel is really good at making good use of space.


The toilet is clean, even though it is not very big and there is no bathtub.

The hotel’s toilet is quite satisfactory and have all the necessary equipment. The only minor drawback is that the shower area is only separated by a shower curtain. Sometimes water will splash on the toilet side, but there is no drainage hole there, so water will accumulate there.

An interesting thing is that citizenM often attach funny sentences to their toilet utensils. These two bottles of multi body wash 2 in 1 explain why they are suitable for day and night respectively.


CitizenM choose to use American Sealy mattresses, the quality is good enough. There are even two more pillows store in the drawer at the bottom of the bed.

Power Switch and Socket

The switch at the head of the bed can control the curtain, blind, table light, and the brightness of the room. It is very convenient and useful, you can control almost everything while lying on the bed.

There is a row of sockets in front of the table, and there is even one for USB. Whether it’s work or travel, it’s a must to charge your mobile phone and other electronic products at night when you go to bed.

Use an iPad to control the whole room

There is an iPad mini in the room, which can remotely control all the switches in the room, including TV, curtains, light color, air-conditioning temperature, alarm clock, music and movies, etc. You can even change the room atmosphere by switching different modes, such as party mode, relax mode, and romance mode.

It is really cool that you can control everything merely with this iPad mini. This is how technology improved!

When you alter the light color, the bathroom will change its color according to the color you chose.

There are lots of TV channels and movies for you to choose. Even staying at the hotel whole night, I believe it is difficult to feel bored.

Other Hotel Facilities

Citizen Hotel is defined as a four-star business, but there is no sauna, gym, suites, and no lounge. They think not everyone will use these facilities, so they cut down these parts and focus more on something that everyone will use. That is why the public spaces in citizenM are all very comfortable and stylish.

Breakfast in citizenM is NT$350 per person if you pay advance as you check in. However, if you suddenly decide to eat breakfast, you can also enjoy the breakfast, but the price will increase to NT$400 per person.

We did not eat breakfast here in citizenM hotel because we have our plan to discover other traditional Taiwanese breakfast in Taipei. If you don’t like to eat hotel’s American breakfast, you can also eat at some coffee shops outside. There are many Starbucks, Louisa Coffee, and Cama Coffee nearby.

The decoration and design of citizenM Taipei North Gate is really trendy, fashion, and fancy! Why not take a break here before check-out.

Overall, citizenM hotel is a very cost-effective commercial hotel. It is very suitable for people who are looking for clean, trendy and comfortable hotels. However, if you think that staying in a hotel is to enjoy the service, then I suggest you choose another hotel.

CITIZENM Taipei North Gate (臺北世民酒店)

  • Tel: +886 701 016 1061
  • Address: No. 3, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
  • Check-in / Check-out Time: After 2 p.m. / Before 11 a.m.


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