How To Play Taiwan Receipt Lottery

by boodingwang
Taiwan receipt lottery

Taiwan receipt lottery, also called uniform invoice lottery (Chinese:統一發票), is a form of lottery managed by the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan. When buying food or groceries in Taiwan, you normally will receive a receipt with a numerical code on it. Do you know you might win ten million dollars from this piece of small paper? In order to avoid tax evasion by merchants, the Taiwanese government issued a uniform invoice award method in 1982. The lottery winning numbers are announced on the 25th of every odd-numbered month, i.e., January, March, May, July, September and November. The biggest prize is even ten million new Taiwan dollars!!! Are you ready to take part in this exciting activity to see if you are the lucky one?

I don’t have a Taiwanese ID, can I participate?

OF COURSE YOU CAN! As long as your visa in Taiwan has not expired, both Taiwanese and foreigners can participate in this lottery activity! Next time when you receive that piece of small white paper at checkout, remember to keep it in your wallet instead of throwing it into the trash can.

How does Taiwan receipt lottery work?

  1. Find the corresponding Taiwan Receipt Lottery post according to the year and month on the receipt.
  2. Each receipt has its unique lottery number. You need to check if your numbers match the winning numbers. The winning prize is based on how many of the numbers on your receipt match the winning numbers. We’ve show the game rules under the winning numbers on each of our receipt lottery post. (The latest winning numbers post)
  3. After confirming that you have won the prize, you need to write down some information on the back of the receipt, including the amount of the prize, your signature and your contact number.
  4. Bring your passport, ID card, or resident certificate to claim your prizes. If your winning amount is less than NT$1,000, you can go to the nearby convenience store to claim your prize. However, larger prizes can only be redeemed at First Bank or Chang Hwa Bank. (Please see the table below for other redeeming institutions.)
Family Mart
OK Mart
PX Mart
Simple Mart
prizes for NT$200 & NT$1,000
First Bank
Chang Hwa Bank (CHB)
Agricultural Bank of Taiwan
all prizes are available
Credit Cooperative
Farmers’ Association
Fishmen’ Association
prizes less than NT$40,000
Places to claim receipt lottery prizes

When is the deadline to claim my prize?

Jan. & Feb.Mar. 25thApr. 6th – Jul. 5th
Mar. & Apr.May 25thJun. 6th – Sep. 5th
May & Jun.Jul. 25thAug. 6th – Nov. 5th
Jul. & Aug.Sep. 25thOct. 6th – Jan. 5th (next year)
Sep. & Oct.Nov. 25thDec. 6th – Mar. 5th (next year)
Nov. & Dec.Jan. 25th (next year)Feb. 6th (next year) – May. 5th (next year)

The latest announced winning numbers

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