[Recipe] Amazing Taiwanese Pineapple Cake – easy and authentic recipe

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Pineapple cake has always been one of the must-buy souvenirs for tourists to Taiwan. It is a square-shaped cake with fragrant buttery dough wraps and slow-cooked pineapple jam filling. In fact, not only tourists love pineapple cakes, Taiwanese also like to give pineapple cakes as gifts during festivals or visiting relatives and friends. In recent Moon Festivals, pineapple cakes even seems to replace moon cakes as the preferred gift. This shows how popular the pineapple cake is! In this article, we will give a brief introduction of pineapple cake and then teach you how to make pineapple cakes yourself.

Unexpectedly, the traditional pineapple cake is not made of pineapple. In the early days, pineapple cakes were mostly made of white gourd. The name was named after pineapple’s Taiwanese homophonic “Wang Lai”, which means good luck is coming. However, as consumers’ preferences have changed nowadays, pineapple cakes made with white gourd jam have become increasingly rare. Instead, it’s a pineapple cake made from a mixture filling of pineapple jam and white gourd jam. In addition, as farmers actively improve planting techniques, pineapple is no longer as sour and hard as before. Pineapple cakes really made from pineapples have also become more and more popular in recent years.

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Now we have a general understanding of the development history of pineapple cake, it’s time to make our own pineapple cakes! Today we are referring to the recipe of the 九弄五巷甜點實驗室. It only takes eight simple steps to easily make a delicious and authentic Taiwanese pineapple cake.


Intermediate 1 hr 30 mins 10 cakes


Pineapple Filling Pastry Dough
1 pineapple 180g cake flour / low gluten flour
60g granulated sugar 40g powdered sugar
60g maltose 70g almond powder
  salt q.s.
  150g butter
  1 egg


source: 9弄5巷甜點實驗室

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