[Taichung 花鳥川] Everyone is losing their minds over this refreshing fruit mille crepe cake

by boodingwang

Every time when traveling to Taichung by high-speed rail, my friends always said they wanted to buy 花鳥川’s (Hua Niao Chuan) fruit mille crepe cake to share with their friends and family. At the same time, they would exaggerated emphasize how special and how amazing the cake is. I used to doubt how delicious 花鳥川’s fruit mille crepe cake is. How can it be so famous for only selling one kind of product? Not until today I tried its mille crepe cake personally, I started to believe my friends’ descriptions about 花鳥川. The fruit mille crepe cake combines both acidic and sugary tastes of lemon to create a unique and wonderful taste. It might be a bit too sour for people with low acid acceptance. However, it is perfect for me. I can finish the whole cake in a day by myself hahaha.

Taichung 花鳥川 fruit mille crepe cake

The most convenient store to buy 花鳥川’s mille crepe cake is the one inside Taichung high-speed rail station, but it often sold out early if you do not pre-order. Remember to call 花鳥川 in advance to confirm whether the cake is available on the date you want to buy, and then order cakes online through Google Forms below. Finally, you just need to pick up your mille crepe cakes and pay for them on the date you go to 花鳥川.

花鳥川 “Hua Niao Chuan”

  • Taichung High Speed Rail Store

Pre-order Here: https://bit.ly/2Lhgrnx

Address: A vender opposite Mos Burger in Taichung High Speed Rail Station

Opening Hours: 9:00 ~ 20:00

  • Mei Cun Main Store

Pre-order here: https://bit.ly/2sAgS4I

Address: No. 14, Ln. 596, Sec. 1, Meicun Rd., West Dist., Taichung City

Opening Hours: 9:00 ~ 20:00

花鳥川 also has delivery services, but the payment needs to be transferred to 花鳥川’s account in advance and cannot choose cash on delivery. If you like home delivery, the ordering link is the same as the one for Mei Cun Main Store.

Taichung 花鳥川 fruit mille crepe cake

A box of fruit mille crepe cake costs NT$420. It is a little bit too expensive, but 花鳥川 definitely worth it. In order to avoid the hot weather in Taiwan from affecting the quality of the cakes, each box of 花鳥川’s cake will be attached with a cold storage bag outside. In addition, an ice pack will be placed under the cake in the box.

The preservation method of 花鳥川’s cake is very special. Unlike other cakes that are stored in the refrigerator, its cake need to be stored in the freezer. When you want to eat the cake, take the cake out of the freezer and defrosting for about 20 minutes. Then cut into size you want to eat and enjoy your mille crepe cake.

Taichung 花鳥川 fruit mille crepe cake

After taking out the cake, a refreshing sweet and sour aroma came out immediately. The mille crepe cake is covered with sliced apples pickled in lemon and sugar. Although the pickled apple slices are a bit sour when eaten alone, it is perfect to eat with the mille crepe cake below. The ratio of the cream and the crepes also hits the spot. Neither too dry nor too rich. Plus the lemon fragrance go through the whole cake. It is so irresistible that I want to eat more after finishing a bite.

Believe in me, 花鳥川’s fruit mille crepe cake is one of the best in Taichung (or even in Taiwan). You must have never tasted this kind of flavor. It’s definitely worth your try!!!!!!

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