[Tainan Foodie] 懷舊小棧 Nostalgia Inn – cheap almond pudding with shaved ice help you cool off in summer

by boodingwang

Everyone knows that summer in Tainan is super hot, sometimes you really need to eat something cold to beat the heat. Therefore, beautiful and exquisite ice shops have sprung up recent years. However, their prices are relatively high, not everyone is willing to spend that much on a bowl of shaved ice. For those with a limited budget, we can’t always go for trendy shops. 懷舊小棧(Nostalgia Inn)with a reasonable price would become a better choice.

Finally cut to the point! 懷舊小棧(Nostalgia Inn)is a famous almond pudding shop since I were little. It is popular with the affordable price and almond pudding without artificial flavor. That’s why it is always hard to find a seat. Fortunately, eating this kind of snack won’t take much time, the table turnover rate is quite high.

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Location and Seat

In fact, 懷舊小棧 doesn’t have an English name. The pronunciation should be “Huáijiù xiǎo zhàn”. In order to let foreigners realize the meaning of name, I try to translate it myself. Therefore, I hereby declare that Nostalgia Inn is not its official English name.

The shop is next to Temple of the Five Concubines, which is close to Tainan baseball stadium and National University of Tainan. The overall decoration is retro oriental style. You can see many spring festival couplets, Chinese calligraphy works and oriental carvings. When arriving Nostalgia Inn, just go ahead find your seat. There’s no need to make any reservation.

Don’t forget to grab a piece of menu before entering the shop.


In addition to the shop name, Nostalgia Inn doesn’t have English menu neither. Here I also did my best to translate the Chinese menu and created an English one. Hope every foreigner can enjoy tasty desserts in Taiwan without any language barrier.

懷舊小棧Chinese Menu

The menus below are the English version I created myself. If you like it please feel free to share with your friends and introduce Go Taiwan Lab this amazing website to them!

As the menu shown, Nostalgia Inn mainly focused on three flavor of puddings with multiple toppings. The price of all flavors is less than NT$60, which is very cheap.

Flavor mix consists of red beans, green beans and job’s tears, strongly recommend for anyone who always has trouble making decision. The taste of almond pudding is very natural and smooth, which is my favorite flavor.

Comparing to almond pudding, matcha and milk puddings are a bit too sweet for me. But I love the milky smell of milk pudding. Matcha is a rare taste in the West, it is also worthy to give it a try.

By the way, Nostalgia Inn is not far from LakeShore Hotel Tainan we’ve introduced before. If you are worried about accommodation in Tainan, you may consider LakeShore Hotel.

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  • 懷舊小棧
  • Address: No. 206, Wufei St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan
  • Tel: (06) 2158157
  • Opening Hours: 10:30 – 22:00
  • Web: http://memory206.com

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