[Tainan Foodie] Aunt Tea Eggs 姑姑茶葉蛋-Amazing and Flavorful Tea Eggs in Tainan

by boodingwang

Aunt Tea Eggs is arguably the most famous tea eggs in Taiwan. Although it is only a small store located in Xinhua Dist., Tainan, it once set a record of being sold out in half an hour. Aunt Tea Eggs insisted on boiling eggs in Chinese herbal medicine for four days, until the egg yolk is moist and soft, and the egg white is tenderly chewy. Haven’t eaten Aunt Tea Eggs, please don’t say you have eaten delectable tea eggs!

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Tea egg is a very common traditional snack in Taiwan, you can easily find it in every convenience store. Before trying Aunt Tea Eggs, I was always curious about the difference between well-known tea eggs and other ordinary ones. How can they make people willing to spend time waiting in queue just to buy eggs. Not to mention boiling tea eggs seems not so difficult. However, after trying Aunt Tea Eggs, I finally realize there’s really a huge gap between tasty tea eggs and others. The delicious tea eggs make me can’t stop eating more after finishing one.

In addition to selling eggs, Aunt Tea Eggs also sell dried tofu. The translation of the menu is as follows.


  • TEA BIRD EGGS/NT$50 per cup (each customer is limited to 3 cups)
  • CLASSIC TEA EGGS/NT$95 per box (each customer is limited to 10 boxes)
  • SPICY TEA EGGS/NT$110 per box (each customer is limited to 10 boxes)
  • CLASSIC DRIED TOFU/NT$20 per piece (each customer is limited to 10 pieces)
  • SPICY DRIED TOFU/NT$20 per piece (each customer is limited to 10 pieces)
  • CLASSIC SOFT BOILED EGGS/NT$35 per serving (a serving contains 2 eggs)
  • DRUNKEN EGGS/NT$45 per serving (a serving contains 2 eggs)

Aunt Tea Eggs opened at 8:30 a.m. We arrived at about nine o’clock that day, and it was unbelievable that the spicy tea eggs were already sold out. Fortunately, except spicy tea eggs, other products were all still available. Since we’ve spent lots of time and effort coming here, why not buying one for all types.

When it’s our turn, the tea eggs that were originally full on the table have been almost sold out, only these few bags in the corner were still available.

Of course, we bought a bunch of tea eggs and dried tofus like other customers and took them back to share with our friends and family.

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Tea eggs and dried tofus were still warm when we got them.

Tea eggs were soaked in the marinade in boxes.


Cracks are visible on the eggshell in order to soak the eggs thoroughly with plenty of flavor from the marinade.

You can see that there were several Chinese medicinal materials soaked in the marinade, such as star anise and licorice, exuding a rich aroma!

There were 10 eggs in a box of tea eggs. In other words, it only cost NT$9.5 per egg. The price is very reasonable.

I love small bird eggs rather than normal eggs because it doesn’t make me feel full too soon. There were roughly 23 bird eggs in a cup.

Both normal eggs and bird eggs tasted very flavorful and not too salty. It’s definitely better than normal tea eggs you bought in convenience stores.

However, the most recommended product for me is actually Aunt Tea Eggs’ dried tofus. Unlike other dried tofus, their dried tofus were not too dry or hard, and the evenly distributed holes made dried tofus soak up the marinade.

Whether it is eaten cold or warm, dried tofus and tea eggs are both very amazing!


  • Address: No. 256, Fuxing Rd., Xinhua Dist., Tainan City 712, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • TEL: 06-590-9971
  • Opening Hours: 8:30 – 19:30 (sold out)

If you don’t want to buy these foods in person, you can also order online, but it may take a long time to receive.

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