Taiwan GIANT bike rental instruction, all you need to know before cycling around Taiwan

by boodingwang
Giant bicycle, cycling around Taiwan

Are you worried about how to ship your road bike?
Do you know you can rent a high-quality bike in Taiwan?
You can even pick up and return the bike in different places.
This article will give you the full instruction about bike rental in Taiwan.

Cycling around Taiwan is a very popular and exciting thing, many people who come to Taiwan will choose to travel by bike. However, the high cost of shipping bicycles from overseas may be a problem for most people. Not to mention that buying a new bicycle is completely out of budget. At this time, your best choice is to rent a bike in Taiwan. Did you know that Giant, a world-renowned bicycle brand, is from Taiwan? They provide a high quality bike rental service, so that everyone can rent bicycle to go around the island. You can even book a bicycle in your home country when planning your trip. Isn’t it so convenient? Let’s start to rent our bike now!

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Available Giant Bike Models For Rental

Available Giant Bike Models For Rental

Bike model details can be viewed on Giant’s official website (here)

BIKE RENTAL FEES (the minimum rental period is 3 days)

  • Road Bike: NT$1,500 for the first 3 days / NT$200 for each extra day
  • Electric Assisted Bike: NT$2,500 for the first 3 days / NT$500 for each extra day
  • You can rent an additional set of battery and charger for the electric bike, it will cost NT$200 per day.


Front and rear lights, stopwatch, top tube bag, rear panniers, rack, portable pump, water bottle cage, lock, and tool kit.

*When picking up the bike, please make sure that all parts and accessories are in good condition. If anything is lost or damaged due to improper operation, compensation shall be made at the price.

How To Rent A Giant Bike?

1. ​​Make a reservation by phone or email

Once you decide to rent a bike, you need to book it by phone or email 4 weeks before you start the trip. In this step, you need to provide your FULL NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, RENTAL DAYS, BODY HEIGHT, AND THE QUANTITY OF BIKES YOU NEED. After the reservation is made, Giant will send an email to notice whether they accept the reservation or not. If you receive the confirmation letter, you can then go to the next step and pay the deposit.

2. Pay the deposit

There are two ways to pay the deposit. One is for customers in Taiwan and the other is for customers overseas.

  • Domestic Customers: The deposit must be paid to Giant’s regular chain stores within three days after the reservation is successfully made. Your reservation will be canceled if Giant did not receive your deposit after three days. In addition to pay the deposit in person, you may also make a domestic remittance to transfer the money to the following bank account.
Bank Name and Branch彰化銀行南屯分行 (Chang Hwa Bank Nantun Branch)
Account Name捷安特股份有限公司
Account Number4042-01-00288-0-00
  • Foreign Borrowers: For customers who are not in Taiwan, they can pay the deposit through international remittance. The same as domestic customers, please make sure to pay within three days, or Giant has the right to cancel the reservation. Moreover, it must be noted that the minimum deposit for the reservation is NT$1,500 (it is recommended to pay USD50 to ensure that the amount is exceeded). When making a wire remittance, please choose FULL PAYMENT or RECEIVED IN FULL AMOUNT to avoid the problem of insufficient amount after the bank has deducted the handling fee. Finally, remember to confirm to Giant whether they have received your deposit after the remittance, in order to make sure that you can get the bicycle when you come to Taiwan.
Beneficiary’s Account NO.4042-01-002880-00
Notice:Giant Sales Company have to receive in full amount, do not allow to deduct handling charge!

3. Pick up your bike

The biggest advantage of renting a Giant bike is that you can pick up your bike in a chain store and drop it off in another. If needed, you can even pick up your bike one day before the reservation date. The business hours of pick-up service may vary from store to store, please check the store announcement or contact the store before picking up the bike. In addition, all Giant chain stores (except Taichung Flagship Store) are closed on Thursdays and will not provide any rental and maintenance services. Please avoid picking up or returning the bike on Thursday.

You can also consider cycling around Taiwan with a Giant tour group (here)


  • Signing a rental contract is required when picking up the rental bike. Please provide a photocopy of your valid ID card or passport.
  • It takes approximately 9 days to cycle around Taiwan, please carefully calculate how many days you need to rent. No refund will be made if you return early.
  • If you want to change the return store, please contact the original rental store as soon as possible. This can help Giant dispatch bikes more smoothly.
  • The front and rear light batteries are consumables, so free replacement service is not provided.
  • Giant will provide bikes according to customers’ heights. If the bike model is out of stock, other models with the same size will be rented instead.
  • Giant does not offer roadside rescue service. Except Article 8 of bike rental contract, you are responsible for the transportation costs derived from other problems. Please see the store announcement for the charging methods.

Bike Rental Service Stores

Taipei City

Store NameGiant Taipei Nanjing Branch
AddressNo. 278, Section 3, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105
Contact NumberTEL:02-87714045 / FAX:02-87716858
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Women’s Flagship Store in Taipei
AddressNo. 345, DunHua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105
Contact NumberTEL:02-27160421 / FAX:02-27164272
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)

New Taipei City

Store NameGiant Taipei Xinzhuang Branch
AddressNo. 38, Siyuan Rd, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, 242
Contact NumberTEL:02-29942655 / FAX:02-29942739
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Taipei Shulin Branch
AddressNo. 192-8, Zhonghua Road, Shulin District, New Taipei City, 238
Contact NumberTEL:02-86849639 / FAX:02-86849650
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Taoyuan Second Store
AddressNo. 128, Section 1, Zhuangjing Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, 330
Contact NumberTEL:03-3468016 / FAX:03-3462842
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Taoyuan Nankan Shop
AddressNo. 116, Nankan Road, Luzhu District, Taoyuan City, 338
Contact NumberTEL:03-3213782 / FAX:03-3214031
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Hsinchu Zhonghua Store
AddressNo. 124, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, East District, Hsinchu City, 300
Contact NumberTEL:03-5353398 / FAX:03-5421311
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Miaoli Zhunan Store
AddressNo. 160, Section 2, Huanshi Road, Zhunan Township, Miaoli County, 350
Contact NumberTEL:03-7461456 / FAX:03-7474641
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Dajia Branch
AddressNo. 482, Jingguo Road, Dajia District, Taichung City, 437
Contact NumberTEL:04-26765915 / FAX:04-26765913
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Fengyuan Yuanhuan Store
AddressNo. 725, Yuanhuan East Road, Fengyuan District, Taichung City, 420
Contact NumberTEL:04-25230887 / FAX:04-25230873
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Taichung Flagship Store
AddressNo. 117, Section 2, Henan Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, 407
Contact NumberTEL:04-23159436 / FAX:04-23155923
Service Hours11:00~21:00
Store NameGiant Dali Branch
AddressNo. 700, Section 2, Guoguang Road, Dali District, Taichung City, 412
Contact NumberTEL:04-24820599 / FAX:04-24824646
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Xingda Store
AddressNo. 200, Xingda Road, South District, Taichung City, 402
Contact NumberTEL:04-22851540 / FAX:04-22851539
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Nantou Shop
AddressNo. 339, Nanyang Road, Nantou City, Nantou County, 540
Contact NumberTEL:049-2202300 / 049-2208721
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Sun Moon Lake Store
AddressNo.163, Zhongshan Road, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, 555
Contact NumberTEL:049-2856713 / FAX:049-2856712
Service HoursMay to Oct.:06:00-19:00 / Nov. to Apr.:07:00-18:00 / (closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Chiayi Store
AddressNo. 298, Linsen West Road, West District, Chiayi City, 600
Contact NumberTEL:05-2250923 / FAX:05-2250853
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Tainan Branch
AddressNo. 416, Section 2, Jiankang Road, South District, Tainan City, 702
Contact NumberTEL:06-2638597 / FAX:06-2634921
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Tainan Yongkang Shop
AddressNo. 577, Zhongzheng South Road, Yongkang District, Tainan City, 710
Contact NumberTEL:06-2438421 / FAX:06-2430235
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Kaohsiung Ersheng Store
AddressNo. 82, Ersheng 1st Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City, 806
Contact NumberTEL:07-7210618 / FAX:07-7215562
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Nanzih Shop
AddressNo. 46, Qinan Road, Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City, 811
Contact NumberTEL:07-3520149 / FAX:07-3521723
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Kaohsiung Jiuru Shop
AddressNo. 278, Jiuru 2nd Rd, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, 807
Contact NumberTEL:07-3223267 / FAX:07-3220647
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Kaohsiung Love River Store
AddressNo. 16, Wufu 4th Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City, 803
Contact NumberTEL:07-5218512 / FAX:07-5218451
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)
Store NameGiant Kaohsiung Flagship Store
AddressNo. 2218, Zhonghua 1st Rd, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, 804
Contact NumberTEL:07-5531412 / FAX:07-5531521
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Pingtung Second Store
AddressNo. 180-8, Minsheng Rd, Pingtung City, Pingtung County, 900
Contact NumberTEL:08-7327959 / FAX:08-7326430
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Hualien Shop
AddressNo. 35, Guoxing 1st Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, 970
Contact NumberTEL:038-336761 / FAX:038-337573
Service HoursWeekdays:09:00-18:00 / Weekends:08:00-18:00 /(closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Taitung Shop
AddressNo. 255, Xinzhan Road, Taitung City, Taitung County, 950
Contact NumberTEL:089-235879 / FAX:089-233710
Service HoursWeekdays:09:00-18:00 / Weekends:08:00-18:00 /(closed on Thursday)


Store NameGiant Yilan Luodong Store
AddressNo.1, Section 4, Zhongshan Road, Luodong Township, Yilan County, 265
Contact NumberTEL:03-9612127 / FAX:03-9611820
Service Hours11:00~21:00 (closed on Thursday)

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