Tips for car rental in Taiwan (Taipei)

by boodingwang

There are many advantages of car rental in Taiwan. In addition to being able to arrange the schedule flexibly, you don’t have to carry heavy luggages all the way with you. Especially if you want to travel in depth, to places where public transportation is inconvenient, car rental would be the best choice. Not to mention summer in Taiwan is super hot, having a road trip can comfortably enjoy air-conditioning and avoid sweating too much.

In this article, several car rental tips and comparisons will be given. You can refer to our other articles like 7 useful apps you need while living in Taiwan (Taipei) or Apps for hailing Taxi/Uber in Taiwan (Taipei) while planning your trips.

Preparation before renting a car

It is very important to find a legal car rental agency in Taiwan. Here we have collected five leading car rental companies and compared their rates and car accessories they provide. Perhaps the prices are slightly more expensive than other small car rental companies, but the insurances will cover more when encountering problems and the quality of cars as well as the services will be better. Therefore, we consider renting a car from these famous agencies is a wise decision.

the comparison of car rental in Taiwan
*More details about renting a car from iRent (here)

As the figure shown above, we regard Easyrent and Gogoout are the best for foreigners. Easyrent is the largest car rental company in Taiwan, besides renting a car counted by days, it provides another roadside self-service car rental which called iRent (more details please click here). Vary from Easyrent, Gogoout is not belonging to any car rental company, but a well-known price comparison site similar to Tripadvisor. That means it can combine all the benefits of different car rental agencies together. It not only has a user-friendly English interface, but also offers better deals. Moreover, all the companies that listed on Gogoout’s website are legally established, so there is no worry about encountering cars or insurance problems.

After deciding where to rent a car, there are few points you should notice. First, you’d better pay attention to overtime charge and the limit of mileage. Some agencies provide deals with unlimited mileage, some do not. The overtime fee is normally around NT$250/hr in Taiwan. In addition, it is necessary to apply for an international driver’s license in your home country. Domestic driver’s license, passport and credit card at the time of order should also be prepared. Last but not the least, always remember booking a car as early as you can. In this way, you can both enjoy early bird discounts and have a higher opportunity to rent your preferred car.

Car Picking Notice

1. Review the contract carefully

Several car rental companies can provide English contract. If you do not understand Chinese, it’s better to ask for one. Even though the terms and conditions in the contract might be complicated, try to read it as patiently as possible to protect your own rights.

2. Make sure whether the rent includes parking fees and tolls

In Taiwan, legal places to park cars is the white-framed parking spaces on roadside. If parking on red or yellow lines, you will then be fined. In terms of parking fees, you might receive a payment slip clipped on your windshield. You should take it to convenience stores and pay for it.

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Different from parking fees, freeway tolls are now charged by Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) in Taiwan. You should be able to find an eTag that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system on your rental car. With eTag, it will automatically read datas through radio signals. In other words, when passing through toll stations, you don’t need to stop. After the car is finally returned, car rental agency will then show details of tolls for customers to check and charge.

3. Be aware of what types of gasoline does the car need

Don’t forget to ask what kind of gasoline does the car used to be filled in, 92, 95, 98 unleaded gas or diesel. Additionally, where is the fuel tank cap and how to open it are also extremely important.

gas station in Taiwan
Gas station in Taiwan

4. Notice the gasoline amount

The amount of gasoline returned should be the same as the amount when you rent the car. Therefore, you should be aware of the starting amount when picking up the car. Following are two common methods:

a) Full gasoline return: Car rental companies give you a car with full gasoline, you should return with full gasoline as well.

b) The same amount as picking up: The gasoline is not necessary full at the time you pick up. Simply make sure the gasoline amount is more than the amount it was.

5. Request for a copy of car rental contract

According to the laws of Taiwan, one copy of the car rental contract should be handed over to the hirer for inspection. That is to say, car rental agency and customer will each have a contract.

6. Take photos

If you find there are scratches on the car when picking up, remember to take pictures of them. This action seems to be nothing, but can be used as evidence while encountering dispute.

Car Return Notice

1. Return the car on time

Remember to return the car within the agreed time, otherwise there will be overtime charge. If you want to renew the contract, don’t forget to contact the car rental company in advance.

2. Pay the tolls and parking fees

We use Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) to collect freeway tolls in Taiwan, you can’t pay on the spot when passing through freeway toll stations. Consequently, when you drop off the car, car rental agency will print out the tolls details and ask you to pay.

As we mentioned previously, parking fees can be paid in four convenience stores (7-11, FamilyMart, OK mart, and Hi-Life) with the payment slip. In other words, car rental companies won’t ask you to pay when you return the car, but you should remember to pay in convenience stores before leaving Taiwan.

3. Car refueling

Don’t forget to refuel the car to the amount that car rental company request before returning it!

4. Calculate over mileage charge

If the mileage exceeds what was agreed at the time, car rental agency will charge a fee for over mileage. If you do not want to spend more money, it is recommended to use GoogleMap to estimate the mileage.

Now you’ve already understood the car rental process in Taiwan, it’s time for planning your trip and booking a car. We wish you a good time in Taiwan.

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