Top 5 hotels near Taipei 101 – watching 2022 fireworks in your room

by boodingwang

Taipei 101 is not only a representative of Taiwan considered by foreigners, but also one of the must-see spots for domestic tourists. It is really the pride of Taiwan. Every time when visiting Taipei, I always ask to book an accommodation which could have a landmark view. Especially every New Year’s Eve, staying in a hotel near Taipei 101 and watching its fireworks show directly in the room is definitely one of the things that must be experienced in life. Therefore, I specially wrote this article to introduce the top 5 high-quality hotels around Taipei 101.

Hotels we recommend:

  1. 台北君悅酒店 (Grand Hyatt Taipei) | CHECK AVAILABILITY
  2. Home Hotel信義 | CHECK AVAILABILITY
  3. 寒舍艾麗酒店 (Humble House Taipei) | CHECK AVAILABILITY
  4. 寒舍艾美酒店 (Le Meridien Taipei) | CHECK AVAILABILITY
  5. 台北W酒店 (W Taipei) | CHECK AVAILABILITY

Taipei 101 is 508 meters high, it was the world’s tallest from its opening 2004 until 2009. Now it is the 10th tallest skyscraper in the world. Someone love to live closer to Taipei 101 and see the huge building in front of their windows. Others prefer staying in a hotel with a distance and enjoy the city view of Taipei. Whether it’s far or near, each has its own beauty, depending on personal preference. Here, I will introduce the hotels in order according to the distance between them and Taipei 101.

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1. Grand Hyatt Taipei (台北君悅酒店)

Grand Hyatt Taipei, which opened in 1990, is a well-known five-star luxury hotel in Taipei.

The hotel is owned by Hong Leong Group and operated by Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

Although the hotel has been in operation for more than 30 years, it still looks very high-quality as a whole because of regular renovations.

High-end decoration coupled with good service makes Grand Hyatt Hotel often listed in the Michelin Guide.

Grand Hyatt Taipei is the closest five-star hotel to Taipei 101. It only takes less than five minutes to go on foot.

If you stay in a room facing Taipei 101, you can see a huge building from your window.

Therefore, for those who want to live as close to Taipei 101 as possible, Grand Hyatt Hotel is your best choice!

2. Home Hotel Xinyi (信義)

Compared with other luxury hotels, the appearance of HOME HOTEL Xinyi is very low-key.

Although low-key, it still maintains high quality and makes customers feel like staying at home.

Home Hotel even launch themed rooms from time to time. The family room is equipped with tents, children’s toys and books, which is very suitable to stay with your kids.

Moreover, there is a fine restaurant, QAFE Room, on the first floor of Home Hotel.

Foreign tourists can come here to try authentic beef noodles. Alcoholics can come here to grab a drink.

As other high-end hotels, Home Hotel Xinyi was also recommended by Michelin in 2018 and 2019.

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3. Humble House Taipei (寒舍艾麗酒店)

Humble House Taipei is located on the upper floor of Breeze SONG GAO. The location is very nice.

Not only is the transportation convenient, there are also many department stores and restaurants nearby.

One side of the hotels faces Taipei 101, and rooms on this side are always popular.

The outdoor swimming pool being embraced by skyscrapers and looking Taipei 101 into the distance is a major feature of Humble House Taipei.

Humble House Taipei has been selected as a recommended hotel by the Michelin Guide for two consecutive years.

There is no doubt about its quality and service. It’s definitely worth your stay for a night!

4. Le Meridien Taipei (寒舍艾美酒店)

Le Meridien Taipei is a Le Méridien Hotel brand under the Starwood Group joined by My Humble House Group.

Its mandarin name is very similar to that of Humble House Taipei because they are both operated by My Humble House Group.

Even the locations of the two hotels are only separated by a road.

The only difference is that Le Méridien Taipei is a franchise, while the Humble House Taipei is completely operated by the My Humble House Group.

Because Le Méridien Taipei is a franchise of an internationally renowned brand, there is no need to worry about the quality.

All kinds of artworks in the hotel even add to the luxurious atmosphere.

5. W Taipei (台北W酒店)

W Taipei should be the most popular hotel among young people in Taipei.

Not only because the hotel is located in the city center and the transportation is convenient, but also because the hotel provides a variety of entertainment facilities.

You can stay in the hotel all day without feeling bored!

If you like fancy life and would spend time enjoying the facilities in the hotel, then W Hotel is perfect for you!

Last but not least, remember to choose the room type facing Taipei 101 when you book the hotel!!!

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