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online book stores in Taiwan

If you are a student coming to study in Taiwan, you will definitely come across an idea to buy Chinese books to improve your mandarin ability. You might think it’s not a big deal, you can easily buy everything on Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon rarely sell Chinese books, nor is it the main online shopping platform in Taiwan. Not to mention that the shipping fee is very expensive and the delivery time is so long. That’s why you should read this article. Here we’ll introduce the two biggest online book stores in Taiwan and teach you how to easily buy a book on it. Believe me, you will never go back after using it!

博客來 Books – largest scale and richest collection

Brief Introduction

Books (博客來) was established in 1995. It is the largest online book shopping platform in Taiwan. In recent years, Books has been actively transformed into a full-scale online shopping platform. Not only books, you can also find clothes, food, groceries, etc. on Books. With “Book Your Life” as the brand spirit, Books continue to expand their product sales and services. It has even awarded the “Data Privacy Protection Mark Certification” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Features and Advantages

  • Book Collection: No.1 in Taiwan, including books written in Chinese and other foreign languages
  • Website Layout: The whole site is well classified. All products are classified in detail. You can search by category, language, author, or publisher. The website will update the ranking of books and recommend popular new books.
  • Price: The price is at least 10% cheaper than the physical store, and there are promotional offers from time to time.
  • Delivery Speed: Place your order before noon today, and you can pick up at 7-11 the next day. The delivery time is usually no more than one day. You can even choose overseas delivery, but it will take longer to deliver.
  • Shipping Fee: The domestic shipping fee is relatively cheap, as shown in the table below. Overseas shipping fee can refer to Book’s website (link).

Book Categories

A Minus Point about Books

Books is really convenient and simple to use, the prices of products are also relatively cheap. However, there is a disadvantage that I must tell you. For people who do not understand any of Mandarin, it becomes a bit difficult to find the book they want. In fact, not only Books, but almost every book-buying website in Taiwan has this problem. Because the titles and introductions of the books are mostly in Chinese, it’s challenging to translate all of them into English. Therefore, even if the website provides an English page, it still seems like a Chinese version. It is really unfriendly for someone who really has no idea about Chinese.

If you can’t read Mandarin Chinese, you may have to ask a Taiwanese friend around you to help you find the book, or you can send a private message to our social network (Instagram / Facebook) and let us help you.

讀冊 TAAZE – the first second-hand book website

Brief Introduction

The pronunciation of TAAZE(讀冊) means “reading” in Taiwanese. It was established in 2010 and is the first second-hand book platform in Taiwan. TAAZE’s vision is to create a books cycle in Taiwan. Therefore, on this platform, everyone can be a consumer of books and a books supplier. In other words, if you can accept second-hand books, you may buy books at a cheaper price on TAAZE. Because each seller can set the price according to the condition of the book. Some books that were marked with lines or notes can even be bought for less than half price.

Features and Advantages

  • Book Collection: Because it is a second-hand book platform, you may find some relatively rare books.
  • Website Layout: The site is well classified. You can search by category, subject, price, author, publisher, and even the discount.
  • Price: The price varies according to the condition of book and the price that seller set. You may even buy a book for less than NT$50.
  • Easy To Sell Books: You just need to register as a seller, upload the book according to the ISBN code on the book, and then go to a convenience store to send the book. After the book is sold, you can earn 65% of the list price. (More details here)

A Minus Point about Books

The biggest disadvantage of TAAZE is that it does not have an English interface as well. Compared with Books, not only does the title and introduction of books have no Chinese version, but the entire website does not have an English page. As we said before, if you can’t find the book you are looking for, welcome to seek our help (Instagram / Facebook).


Above are the top two online book buying platforms (mainly Chinese books) recommended for you this time. I hope it will be helpful to you who come to Taiwan to learn Mandarin Chinese or who love Mandarin and want to collect the books. If you are interested in any topic about Taiwan, please feel free to tell us. We will try to write a blog to introduce the information as soon as possible. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. The biggest source of our motivation is your support.

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